The BOSEbuild DIY Bluetooth speaker

The BOSEbuild DIY Bluetooth speaker

This is so cool! We can now build and modify our own Bluetooth speaker.


This is more than just a speaker – it’s a journey. Starting from the very basic knowledge of sound and speakers, we will build a deeper understanding as we move toward assembling the Bluetooth Speaker Cube. At every step, we explore something new such as how sound works, how speakers work about magnets and electromagnets and also about frequency and waveforms

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is carefully designed for kids as well!The app-driven construction steps are simple and easy to follow. Cables and connectors are big, colorful, and easy to handle. And even the circuit board is labeled

In the end, you build your own durable and high-performance Bose Bluetooth speaker. Every time you listen to it, you can enjoy the Bose-quality sound and customizable colored LED lighting. Most importantly you can feel proud by saying  “I Built that”.

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~Ali Sabri

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