The BMW X5 2017 : Engine specifics, prices.

The BMW X5 2017 : Engine specifics, prices.

The BMW X5 2017 is an astonishing machine as to be one of my personal favorite SUV. The best in class BMW X5 2017 model comes with the most competent design ranging from its competition.  Accelerating from 0-100 in 6.9 seconds is a performance SUV cabin which competes with the rest.

This beast generating 190 KW and 258 HP @ 4000 rpm is unmatchable. Its new uplifted kidney grill with LED headlamps makes it stand out and rule the streets. eye-catching designs and all the elements on the exterior make it an underline of a sporty character. It has the controls of its driver to have the most grip focused steer on the roads. BMW x5 in its early days was launched in 1999 followed with the second edition in 2006 and nowhere is the 2017 model unleashed with its most versatile and dynamic appearance and built quality ever.

Starting from 68 lakhs upto 80 lakhs. The BMW X5 2017 has 5 models:

  • X5 xdrive 30d model expedition = 68 Lakhs
  • X5 xdrive 30d Design pure experience = 74.3 lakhs
  • X5 xdrive 35i  Design pure experience = 74.8 lakhs
  • X5 xdrive 30d Design pure experience 7 seater  = 77.3 lakhs
  • X5 xdrive 30d M sport = 80 lakhs

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