7 best songs of all time! You’ve got to hear them!

7 best songs of all time! You’ve got to hear them!

These songs have entertained generations of people and have made them get up on their feet and dance maybe you know a few of them.



1.Hips Don’t Lie-Shakira :-


While the Spanish were warm to Shakira’s forum back in 2006 Hips Don’t lie made everyone fall in love with the Colombian artist. The song became one of the most popular tracks of the entire decade, thanks to Shakira’s distinctive vocals that Latin music and melodious chorus and a thumping hit never heard before. One of the reasons that this song became such hit could be that people had something different to hear. It reached the number one spot in a shocking 55 countries.and also set the record for the fastest selling single to reach one million digital downloads. It also deserved it as the song was fresh original and a lot of fun.

2.  Poker Face- Lady Gaga:- 

Love or hate her she has made some wickedly awesome tunes. While you can dance to the dance it also highlights Gaga’s farmer sound something that makes her stand out from the others. Having sold over 13 million copies now one of the worlds best selling singles of all time

3.  Wannabe-Spice girls:- 

The spice girls were a total hit in 1997 already a summer hit in Europe in 1996 this song washed up on the North American shores in the winter of 1997 and spread across North America like plague the lyrics have the theme of independence and it quickly became a girl power anthem throughout the world even if no one knew what the hell the singing was


4. California Girls-Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dog:- 


By the end of 2000 Katty Perry wasn’t the worlds most famous pop star but she was on her way once the Spice Girls had dropped in 2010 she showed everyone that a new star had emerged of course the vibrant music Video bolstered Perry’s image but for the music it went a total hit and featuring Snoop Dog made it hit even more.


5. Despacito 


This song of 2017 made the number one spot in 33 countries even though no one understood the meaning. In fact, this track became so Famous that even Justin Bieber made a remix of it and it is currently one of the most viewed videos on YouTube.

And…..for these two songs, I have no words….like just listen to them!!

  • See You Again – Charlie Puth feat. Wiz Khalifa:- 




  • Camila Cabello – Havana ft. Young Thug:- 


Signing off,

Aaryaraj Saxena.


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