10 songs that will make you smile no matter what!

10 songs that will make you smile no matter what!

Everyone has felt sad, disappointed, lost or even just not being up to your own expectations, when you just can’t find a way to get cheered up, music becomes your best friend. Today we will be counting down ten songs that will make you smile in any situation 

10.Walking in sunshine-Katrina, The Waves:

Life will always look good when weather is on your side, but in this song for the artists this is the strongest way happiness can come. This song has a happy songwriting and is coupled with a catchy sort of melody. Many play this to begin their day or makes the top on many peoples summer playlist

9.Dancing Queen – Abba:-

Doesn’t matter if it is Friday night or any other evening of the week  this song is suppose to be in your playlist. While many prefer this song for choirs many also prefer to for disco nights. Dancing Queen is in all probability the most iconic track in the twentieth century. From the piano intro to the harmonic fade out we’ve been digging on the dancing queen for decades now and will continue to do so. No matter what the situation is you will always feel like getting up on your feet and dancing while listening to this track

8.Mr.Blue Sky – The Electric Orchestra

This is surely one of the best upbeat songs ever sung the lyrics mean to replace a cloudy rainy sky with a blue and sunny sky to which it owes its name Mr.Blue Sky. Written by Jeff Linn during a stay in the Swiss Alps he had struggled for inspiration during his 2-week journey, and then the weather brightened up and so did his lyrics and this is how he came up with this song.

7.Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

This recent track fulfills anyone’s musical needs. Filled with fun lyrics it also has a fun music video. The artists go around in public singing and dancing. There could be no good reason for you not to dance to this song. This jazz song can be seen in almost any party that you go to. Once you listen to this song your day is gonna be a happy one.

6.Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby Mcferren

You can make out from the title that this one is meant for you to smile. This reggae track didn’t go that popular, but the lyrics with the music are sure to make you smile. This a quite low paced song some may find it boring but after listening to it for a few seconds you will start to sing along. Many use this to start their day and NOT WORRY.

5.I’m Your’s – Jason Mraz

This is another reggae track that is about the good life. It is a medium paced song that gained quite a remarkable popularity. In the video, Jason leaves his home and goes on an unplanned adventure, makes some friends and has some fun. The main message of this song doesn’t take anything too seriously in life everything just comes and goes. Our time on earth is short so just think is your fate and move on to better things in life.

4.Happy – Pharrell Williams

This is another song that got remarkable popularity. You can find the meaning of this track from the title itself. Pharrell tells us that don’t try to make him sad because he won’t become sad. You do what makes you happy and once your happy don’t lose that happiness, or don’t let anyone take it from you.

3.Cake By The Ocean – 

This song is meant for the annual cake festival that exists in the video only. This high paced song went viral. This can be best used for a party as it is a high paced song. The video can be called silly as a bunch of people tries to throw cake at the others and try to dodge the cake that others throw at them.

2.Bang A Boomerang – Abba

This is another song by the Abba. The message is simple life is like a boomerang if  you love others only then will others love you back, or in simple words ”you reap what you sow“. Even though the chorus has words no one understands this song gained a pretty good popularity.

1.Best Day Of My Life – The American Authors

It has come close to five years and this song hasn’t got any less popular. With over a 100 million views on YouTube, this song can be called viral. You may have heard this song also on the google pixel 2017 advertisement or on YouTube or anywhere else, but be honest whenever you’ve heard this song your mood has gotten a little better. In the video, a man has a lot of fun at night with a person in a costume and wakes up to have no clue of what he did last night. If this song can not matter your mood nothing can.

That was the list of ten songs that will make you smile. Start your day with this playlist and your day may be just a little better and cooler than it was suppose to be.

~Aaryaraj Saxena

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