The magic of “Sound of Music” was recreated at the Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet.

The magic of “Sound of Music” was recreated at the Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet.

One of the most breathtaking theatrical plays ever performed by any school in India…300 energetic dancers…50 talented actors and 65 choristers came together with the team metamorphosis to recreate the magic of “Sound of Music” in the Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet.


Well, the “Sound of Music” is a mellifluous, touching story, it is based on a true story of the Von Trapp Family singers, one of the world’s most talented concert groups in the era preceding World War II.  A young joyful woman named Maria is miserably failing in her attempts to become a nun. And by chance, the navy captain writes to the convent where he asks for a governess to look after his seven naughty children. Well, guess what? Maria is given the job. The Captain’s wife is no more alive, and he is often away and runs the household as strictly as he does the ships he sails on. The children are not very happy and resentful of the governesses that their father keeps hiring and have managed to annoy and run each of them. When Maria arrives, she is met with the same antagonism, but her kindness, understanding, and sense of joy soon attracts them to her and brings the necessary joy into all their lives — including the Captain Von Trapp. And as you guys must have guessed Captain and Maria find themselves falling in love, even though Georg is engaged to a Baroness and Maria is still a governess. Their personal conflicts soon fade away, however, by world events. Austria is about to come under the control of Germany, and the Captain may soon find himself drafted into the German navy and forced to fight against his own country.

The Students had performed different dances:

  1.  The hills are alive-
  2.  how do you solve a problem like Maria
  3.  I have confidence
  4.  do-a-deer
  5.  lonely goatherd
  6.  edelweiss
  7.  16 going on 17
  8.  the ballroom waltz
  9.  the Austrian folk dance landler
  10.  the medley of all songs from the play
  11.  so long farewell

Metamorphosis created, directed and designed the play, the sets, and the costumes.



After a lot of effort put together by all the students and the metamorphosis group, the show was a big hit on the 12th of January at the Hyderabad Public School.

I can bet the twin cities hadn’t seen anything so special from a school.


~Ali Sabri.

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  • A.vasantha
    January 16, 2018

    It was a wonderful time watching the play. Superb performance. Really enjoyed. Congratulations to the full metamorphosis team. The sound, lighting, effects, settings , each and every thing was excellent. All children performed so well.

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