Improve your vocal skills? Here are 5 tips to follow…

Improve your vocal skills? Here are 5 tips to follow…

Well, for the singers here are 5 tips to make your vocal skills better. Follow all of them and you will find some good change in your voice. But be sure to follow all the tips or you might not get better.


Have you ever wondered that how did you perform so bad in a competition or in just a family even after a lot of practice? Well, I have, and the simple little reason is confidence or nervousness. To boost your confidence just pose a confidently before your performance in the washroom or someplace where no one can see you. Studies have shown that you can control your emotions to only an extent but your physical movement to a great extent and physical movement can greatly affect your mental state at the moment. Y can also try this when your feeling drowsy or sad. And believe me, confidence greatly effects your performance. Or if any guests turn up sing in front of them for your confidence improvement. It doesn’t matter if you sing really bad in front of them.


Many people ask of to yodel. There are a few exercises that you can follow to improve your yodeling but according to me the most effective on is to star yodeling fro. Your loess note you can reach the highest note you can reach. Do this at least 5 times a day and your yodeling skills are sure to improve.


Learn music from somewhere or someone. It can be the Internet or some teacher but, learn music from somewhere. Because one thing is for sure you can’t improve quickly without learning. If you’re wondering what to learn you can learn tips to make your vocal scale higher (the vocal range doesn’t actually matter a lot what matters is how good you sing in your range) or how to catch a song quickly or anything you can think of.

4. See Which Songs Suits Your Voice:-

Not all songs suit everyone’s voice. Some songs may sound horrible in your voice and some may sound good, but when selecting a song for a competition or talent hunt make sure that the song suits your voice. One thing you can do is manipulate the song’s style according to you. This is a trick many people who make covers use. You can change the rhythm or even the notes to make the song suit your voice.


What many think is that they’ve practiced a lot and will not practice tomorrow, or some think that nothing will happen if they don’t practice for a week so. Such thoughts are to be completely discarded if the music is your passion. These thoughts make people lose competitions. You must be confident but not overconfident. You can drop down to half of your vocal range without even knowing if you leave practicing for a week or so. Stop all these thoughts and practice regularly. If you are practicing for more than o e hour each day, make it in small pockets of half an hour or one hour and half an hour, or else you could hurt your throat.

So, guys, those were my 5 tips to become a better vocalist, hope they helped you as they did to me. 


~Aaryaraj Saxena

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