Why is everyone waking up to food halls in 2019?

Why is everyone waking up to food halls in 2019?

Love eating?

Love to shop?

Bring the two loves together, courtesy a food hall. A space for people to buy all kinds of culinary items (some rare, some luxe), food halls also been doubling up as spaces to tuck into delicious fare and where you learn how to make it.
What started as communal dining halls in the West, is now an idea the world is hooked onto. For many, it’s also a space to meet and exchange notes (read: recipes). Earlier, food trucks were the rage. They doled out food conveniently and allowed the ability to tuck into different dishes, minus the need to stick to a menu. These food halls are somewhat like that. They present a variety of cuisines in pop-up evenings and what you may eat here one week, may not be there the next.
Whether its the one in New York, London’s Market Hall Victoria, Markthal Rotterdam, Budapest’s Central Market Hall or even the multi-storey food hall in Mumbai, these are unmissable spots on any gourmand’s list this year. No surprises then that they have been a highlight in 2019.

Bon appétit! 

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