Beauty boxes are making for a fun grab for women

Beauty boxes are making for a fun grab for women

Who doesn’t love a gift?

It’s even nicer when it’s something you want. Based on this premise, is the concept of a beauty box, also called a subscription box. It’s packed with about five or more trial-sized (can be full-size depending on the cost) cosmetic items – with everything from liners to lipsticks, blush, mini toners and suntan lotions and even bronzer powders – and it’s not just that. The box is delivered to your address at the start of every month, or a date that you prefer and since it comes delivered to your doorstep, it’s super convenient! It’s also comes it cute packaging. That’s apart, there’s another draw; the beauty box has an element of surprise to it as you don’t know don’t know which items are arriving in it.

The idea is becoming so popular, that women everywhere are signing up with brands and companies and paying for their beauty boxes to be sent home to them.

These boxes follow themes, too. So summer may have a ‘Tropical Box’ with citrusy face washes, perfumes etc. And winter might see people get a cinnamon-smelling body butter or smoky eyeshadow, perfect for the year-ender party.

If you haven’t got your own subscription box yet, sign up for one and let your friends get envious. Swap a few cosmetics and samples with them, too!

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