Makeup mantra: Get your shimmer on

Makeup mantra: Get your shimmer on

December is here and it’s not just wedding season, but party season, too. Of course, you’ll be looking to dig into your wardrobes for those LBDs, heels and other party staples. While the outfit and accessories matter, let your face exude that glam appeal, too. And a big trend right now is to wear shimmer makeup. It’s hot on the runways, the red carpet and the metallic, gilded look is a fave with the A-list as well. But while shimmer looks pretty, it can be tricky, so use it carefully so as to not resemble a shiny, disco ball.
Here are quick tips to look your shimmery best before setting out to a party:

1) Right hue: To start, apply foundation to hide any unwanted blemishes. Now, select the shimmer powder that matches your tones best. The general rule is, if you are on the darker side, go with a bronze. And if you are lighter-skinned, opt for pale silver, peach and baby pink.


2) Eyes: Foe the eyes, just dab on shimmer eye shadow in a colour of your choice. On a night out, blue, black and darker shades work well. Keep it simpler for the day. Trace the lower lids with an eye pencil. Finish with a winged eyeliner.


3) Face: The cheeks can do with a glow, too. Dab shimmer blush power onto your compact or brush, shake off any excess and using gentle motions, sweep the powder upwards on the cheeks, forehead and also dab it on your nose. Even a slight amount will show, so don’t go overboard.


4) Lips: If you have a bold lip colour like red or maroon, turn down the glitter on the rest of the face.


5) Body: When using shimmer powder on the body, use restraint. Dusting the shoulders with it should be enough.
6) No-no: This is an attention-grabbing look, so don’t go overboard with it. Avoid adding sparkly hair accessories and a glitter mani with the shimmer makeup; you don’t want to end up like a Christmas tree!

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