Big fat New Year resolutions=out, smaller goals=in

Big fat New Year resolutions=out, smaller goals=in

Big fat New Year resolutions=out, smaller goals=in

If December 31 is all about partying, Jan 1 is about making those New Year resolutions and trying to stick to it. People vow to get healthier, fitter, be more responsible at work, make time for their families and even choose to have more fun. But more often than not, these mantras are broken before the month can even go by. Experts say thinking about self-improvement is the easy part, but actually embarking on the journey to make that happen is a tougher ride. So instead of the major resolutions this year, experts advise creating smaller goals that are easier to accomplish.

Keep these in mind when drawing up your 2020 list…

Don’t reach for the stars: Yes, a resolution is definitely an aim to reach for a goal, but don’t make it so tough that it’s beyond reach. If you do that, the plan may take off before starting.

Choose mid-size: Goals like, ‘I want to travel around the world’, may seem superb, but they are also not likely to happen considering a variety of factors. So, go with smaller goals like , ‘I need to take a morning walk’ versus ‘I want to be a gym junkie’. Take it further as you go ahead.

Be regular: Promise yourself something achievable that can be done through the year. Things like, ‘My goal is to meet X author’, is just a one-off thing that will be forgotten soon. Try something like, ‘Watching more theatre’ which can be done at any time, as and when you wish.

Let it be creative: Most goals are more fun when it involves you completely. Listing a goal like, ‘I have to try a meal made by X chef’ won’t have you do anything except get up and go to the restaurant. Make that, ‘I need to have more home-cooked meals made by me’ instead. It will turn out to be more fun.

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