WordPress Beginners Guide


WordPress Beginners Guide

Build great websites!

WordPress brings you an easiest system to start off building websites from basic to an enterprise level application. It remains as one of the most used and popular Content Management Systems to build & Scale websites.

The first step for all the beginners, if you wish to start off as an entry level development using WordPress then you could just start off with the easiest domain and hosting providers like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost or any other providers as such. I mostly used Godaddy so i can give you a little brief about using their services.

Godaddy has a great support system while they are always available to help you with basic phone calls and now even live chat support available with them.

You can just go on and buy a basic account for a single website hosting so you can learn all the basic set up with it and then along the way can always upgrade your plan in to an advance level developments.

So say if you have purchased their basic plan and ready to install your first WordPress application, you can always look at buying and using their WordPress only hosting that gives you complete control over your environment.

Firstly, you can install the application on your domain using their knowledge base instructions if you want a detailed document and follow else i am putting up a little follow up channel as the instructions for this installation.

You can always go to their dashboard and click on Manage domain and then try to set up the DNS for the correct settings and correctly routed domain.

How to set up a paid theme?

Buy theme on themforest.net

Download the theme on your local host

Upload the zip file on the section Appearance placed in the sidebar of WordPress Dashboard

Select – theme
(if you are unable to upload here then you can go to the root folder that you can access through cPanel in your hosting account, if you can find that option then please  check with hosting provider and upload the theme file “avada.zip”  to the folder names as wp-content – themes.

Product registration :-
a) Type the Username
b) Paste the purchase code with the Themeforest account or in your email sent after your purchase.
c) Paste API / process:- Log in Themeforest – go to settings – On the left bottom press API keys.

Install any demo that you may like, but be careful to do it just once and not mistakenly double press the Demo Tab, as it will repeat the installation and you will view everything in two rather than in one, as in how it should be. However if it still happens then you need to reset the WordPress application and install the Demo again.
Use Reset plugin if that happens – (WordPress Reset)

Check system status and upgrade all the four marked options in red highlights
a) Increase WP memory limit from 40 MB to 256 MB by editing wp-config file in your webroot folder after opening it from cpanel file manager / right below the starting <?php element in the code area just place :-/**Increase default PHP memory to 256mb*/
define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’,’256 M’ );

and save it. Your memory will be upgraded 🙂

b) Increase your PHP Time Limit from 30 to 300 and for that place the code given below under
” define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); ”

Place :-  set_time_limit(300);

c) Create a new file in webroot folder named
.user.ini and then save (max_input_vars = 6220) to increase it from 1000 to 6220

d) To install zipArchive in your server go to cpanel and then under software to phpversions then tick zip box and you re good to go 🙂

You are now ready to go customize the Demo and set up your website with the installed AVADA or any other theme that you may have purchased or installed. 

Happy Building!

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